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About Us

 Immco Inc. was established in 1985 with one  goal; to be a diverse company that provides exceptional service along with superior quality.  Immco has more than 40 years of combined experience, commitment, and research within the coatings industry.  We are leaders in Polyurea  applications,  experts in concrete restoration, alternative coating systems and spray foam insulation.  We offer turnkey services from specification to installation. 

Our Coating systems can be applied to virtually any substrate.  Waterproofing, corrosion protection or decorative coating systems Immco has you covered.  Our combined knowledge and experience allows us to provide you with the most effective and durable coating system maximizing the longevity that is required and best suit your needs.  Surface preparation and selection of primer is one of the key elements to maximum adhesion.  Immco provides the most advanced systems in coatings today working closely with our highly experienced vendors whom are industry leaders.

Industrial PAINTING


Immco can provide you with all your coating needs, we have a wide variety of systems and colors to choose from. Our industrial painting service is a cost effective way to not only  protect your facility but to also enhance and restore its appearance and  functionality. 

  •   Machinery & Equipment  
  •  Storage tanks & silos
  •  Metal, steel galvanized  

Effective Concrete Lifting & Leveling


Advantages to lifting concrete with Foam;

  • Cost Effective, Typically a fraction of the cost vs replacement
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Accurate lift & adjustable foam density for loads of all sizes
  • Fewer & Smaller holes over traditional mud jacking
  • Hydrophobic Foam maintains its density and weighs far less than mud jacking
  • Soil Stabilization

Curbing Issues





Curbs look like this?





Let us rehabilitate and seal your curbing to look like this

Food Processing

Insulated Metal Panel Before

Insulated Metal Panel Before

Insulated Metal Panel Before


Ceiling was starting to corrode and had some peeling paint

Insulated Metal Panel After

Insulated Metal Panel Before

Insulated Metal Panel Before


Successfully applied coating system creating a 100% monolithic seamless system.

Diversified Services

Oil & Gas

Flooring & Decking

Food Processing


Industrial Painting


Cooling Tower Basins

Secondary Containment

Chemical & Acid Protection

Roof Coatings

Pond Liners

API Separators

Crack Injection

Pipeline Insulation

Aerogel Insulation

Food Processing

Flooring & Decking

Food Processing


Process Areas 

Insulated Metal Panels



FRP, Cinder Block, Galvanized



Chiller/Ex-changer Coatings

Spray Foam 

Polyurethane Coatings

Flooring & Decking

Flooring & Decking

Flooring & Decking


Warehouse Floors

Aircraft Hangers

Auto Floor Coatings

Color Quartz 

Color Flakes

Metallic Systems

Epoxy Coatings

Poly Aspartic Coatings

Anti Graffiti Coatings

The GatorCoat Decking System

Before GatorCoat

Before GatorCoat

Before GatorCoat

Before GatorCoat

Standing water will typically soften and destroy most coatings but the GATORCOAT SYSTEM material is moisture insensitive and has excellent resistance to standing water when applied to decks, garage floors, pool decks, porches.

After Gatorcoat

Before GatorCoat

Before GatorCoat


The aliphatic properties are UV/Color stable and excellent for interior and exterior applications. This can be applied to walls, ceilings and many other surfaces. Installation down time is minimal providing the customer less inconvenience and more time to enjoy that impressive new finish.

GatorCoat Floor

Before GatorCoat

Wooden Stairs Before GatorCoat


• Durability – Excellent chemical/impact


• Convenience – Applied on location,

dries quickly

• Experience – Backed by over 40 years

of coating experience

• Versatility – Applied to almost any hard


• Custom colors – Colors and borders,

Logos, Speckled Flakes,

Epoxy Color Systems & Metallics

Wooden Stairs Before GatorCoat

Wooden Stairs Before GatorCoat

Wooden Stairs Before GatorCoat



GATORCOAT Spray application material can be applied to any required thickness and will literally dry in seconds. (Spray application only)

Wooden Stairs After GatorCoat

Wooden Stairs Before GatorCoat

Wooden Stairs After GatorCoat



GATORCOAT Spray is an extremely high impact material. This resistant material will add long

lasting protection and durability to any surface it is applied to.

The GatorCoat System

Wooden Stairs Before GatorCoat

Wooden Stairs After GatorCoat

  • Seamless, providing a much cleaner look! 
  • Our products form a monolithic membrane around corners or posts.
  • Extremely difficult to damage and is far more dense and thicker than vinyl.
  • Hurricane resistant
  •  This coating can be re-applied over and over.
  • Easy to clean, soap and water. 
  • Easily change color without removal of system.
  • GATORCOAT outlasts any other decking system with very little maintenance.
  • Higher level of slip resistance can be achieved. Granules can be applied to suit your needs.
  • Far better stain resistance

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